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Our Best Sellers
Deliciously scented Handmade Soaps made from plant oils, containing NO animal fats, detergents, or petroleum.
Bath size bars are 550 each, buy five and get the sixth one free!
Our Body Polish is a wonderful sea-salt scrub that turns into a lotion as you rinse, leaving you feeling silky and moisturized but not oily.  Available in small and large.
Body polish is $12
00 for one, or $1000 each for 2 or more of the small (shown) or, for the large, $2000 for one, $1800 each for 2 or more.  The most popular fragrances are Lemon, Cranberry Citrus, Cucumber-Melon, and Peppermint.
Shea Butter
Our Shea Butter is Whipped to make it go on light and smooth, even in cool weather. Available in small or large, lightly scented or unscented.
Our whipped Shea butter comes in a light citrus fragrance and Peppermint.  As shown, it is $7
Skeeter Beater
Skeeter Beater TM is an all-natural body spray that repels mosquitoes and other biting insects.
Now we even have
Skeeter Beater TM Jr. for younger children.  Both are safe and non-toxic.  Avoid contact with eyes.
Skeeter Beater is for ages 4 and up.  Skeeter Beater Jr. is for children under 4.
The 60 ml. bottles are
$795, and the 120 ml. size is $1295
Shea Pooche Shea Pooch Dog Soap is a mild soap that is naturally insect repellant, and it contains shea butter to soothe and moisturize the skin and condition the coat.  It's ideal for dogs with dry skin.  Comments
Our dog soap comes in a trial size for
$150, a medium (shown) for $450, and a large for $550.

Our Nail Butter is a soothing balm that makes your finger nails more resilient (less brittle), and eases the discomfort of damaged or irritated cuticles. The 7.5 ml. jar is $350.
Do BIG cats really like catnip?
Homestead Hollow

At Homestead Hollow, Springville, AL
At the BJCC in Birmingham.

Laura and Michael at 205-956-6293

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Hi Laura,

 I purchased your Shea Pooch Dog Soap and Doggy Cologne last Saturday at Pepper Place… in one word it’s Wonderful!!  I bathed my dog in the soap yesterday let it set about five minutes; after I dried him I sprayed the cologne on his problem spots and dried those areas. Besides smelling great my dog did not scratch, bite, or pull hair out for the first time in months.

I did not even have to give him any oral medicine, he usually gets a Prednisone pill and a Benadryl pill almost daily. What a pleasant day it was for both of us! This is definitely a winning combination!

 Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your products and will be a repeat customer.


 Sandy T.

Fultondale, Alabama